100ml glass jar with lid

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1.VALUE SET OF 30 :1.5oz cute glass jars with golden lids,come with 30 packs in a safty nicely package,clear,these little jars can store all the small things you want and only take a little room,perfect for home and party decorations too !! try it then you know its worth it !also comes with free twine and tags for labeling!

2.PREMIUM STRONG HIGH QUALITY:Made with excellent thick glass,heavy duty glass body and lids are lab certified corrosion-resistant material, durable quality make it last for years

3.SAFE FIRST:BPA Free 100% food safe grade glass,FDA approved,vinegar-Proof suitable for chutneys and pickles

4.MULTI PURPOSE&TIGHT SEAL: perfect for party favors& other homemade gifts and DIY projectstore all your spices! tight seal is great for holding liquids like jams, honey,also good for DIY projects,jars are simply design which is looks so elegance and classic, transparent glass body comes with regular lids,use them to bright your home and make it as a gift also is a great choice,you can paint on it however you wants make it personal and unique !show it to your guests

5.DISHWARE SAFE :Easy to clean up with water and soaps,hussle free !

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