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Xuzhou Yitian Import & Export Co., Ltd. produces clear, amber, green, blue, red, brown, black ,yellow, purple, white and transparent series glass packaging products, round square triangular prismatic and skeleton shoes, the pineapple cactus, etc. animal plants and other popular shapes and special styles are all our strengths.

The main products include liquid bottles, cosmetic bottles, essential oil bottles, liquor bottles, beverage bottles, spice bottles, medicine bottles, glass jars, glass mason jar, the glass vase, cork, the iron cover, the aluminum cover, the plastic cover, straw etc, also with painting, decal, golden hot stamping, silver hot stamping, screen printing, transfer printing, over printing, sandblast, frost, polishing, cutting, engraving, lettering and other deep-processing technology.

We try our best to cooperate with each other for life.

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