This month produce plan

Swing top glass bottle(100ml,250ml,500ml,1000ml)

ELEGANT, STURDY DESIGN: Beautiful decorative giara glass water bottles are made of durable transparent glass built for reuse.

MULTI-PURPOSE STORAGE: Store liquid beverages, oil, vinegar, water, kefir, kombucha, or anything else! Our leak-proof swingtop cap are easy to remove and also perfect for fresh pressed juices as it prevents oxidation, keeping vital enzymes and nutrients from deteriorating quickly, making the juice last for longer.

DURABLE & RESEALABLE AIR-TIGHT CAPS: Plastic & rubber flip top gaskets are easy to remove and put on, keeping your homemade beverages sealed, preserving carbonation or fermentation. With the airtight gasket, these resealable bottles make the perfect glass carafe, glass bottles, wine bottles, kombucha bottles, water pitcher, and more!


Post time: Jun-13-2019